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Express Buses between Kichijoji and "Tokyo Disney Resort®", Odaiba

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Easy access to popular "Tokyo Disney Resort®" and Odaiba area!

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Take the nonstop bus from Kichijoji for a trip to "Tokyo Disney Resort®" or Odaiba.
Take a seat and relax! Enjoy a comfortable ride with no transfers!

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You can check your email and use the Internet on your way with this very convenient service.

Route Information


Route Information

To "Tokyo Disney Resort®"
Bus stops / Service operators Seibu Kanto Keisei Seibu Kanto Keisei
Kichijoji Station Departure - 6:55 7:30 8:28 - -
"Tokyo DisneySea®" Arrival - 8:05 8:40 9:38 - -
"Tokyo Disneyland®" Arrival - 8:15 8:50 9:48 - -
For Kichijoji Station
Bus stops / Service operators Keisei Seibu Keisei Kanto Kanto Seibu
"Tokyo DisneySea®" Departure - 18:30 21:10 21:05 - -
"Tokyo Disneyland®" Departure - 18:30 21:10 21:05 - -
Kichijoji Station Arrival - 20:00 21:30 22:25 - -


Adult One-way: 1,300 yen, Child One-way: 650 yen

  • IC cards (PASMO, Suica etc.) can also be used.
  • Child fares apply to infants and preschool children if they use seats alone.

Basic information

Approximately 70 minutes via expressway

This bus service is jointly operated by KANTO Bus Co., Ltd., Seibu Bus Co.,Ltd., Keisei Bus Co., Ltd., and KEISEI TRANSIT BUS CO., LTD.
See the timetable for the operating bus company of each bus.

  • The bus company will handle any of your possessions accidentally left behind. We shall not be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of personal belongings.

Reserve / Payments (buses departing from Kichijoji Station only)

  • Go to the website to reserve. (Mobile devices supported)
    Hassha All Right Net
    Highway Bus Ticket
    * Select the departure date and time.
  • You can pay in advance with a credit card or at a convenience store.
  • Passengers with reservations must go through a procedure before boarding. Please arrive at the boarding area five minutes before departure. If you don't make it in time, we may offer seats to passengers without reservations before you.
  • Passengers without reservations will be offered their seats after the passengers with reservations.
  • For buses departing from "Tokyo Disney Resort®", go directly to the boarding area.

Usage information

  • Buses on this route have seating capacities (non-reserved seats). You can't board once capacity has been reached.
  • It's not a reserved seat system, so even if you board as a group, your seats may be separated.
  • Please pay the bus fare while inside the bus. Cash and IC cards (PASMO, Suica, etc.) are accepted. The fare must be paid before departure.
  • Please note that once the regular seats are full, you will be shown to the auxiliary seats. The fare is the same regardless of the seat type.
  • As a general rule, if a child takes up their own seat, the child fare must be paid.
  • Please take your own hand luggage with you to your seats. Large luggage that can't be taken into the bus, such as suitcases and strollers, can be stored in the luggage compartment under the floor.
  • We bear no responsibility for any lost, stolen, or damaged luggage stored in the luggage compartment.
  • The bus operating companies bear no responsibility for any loss caused by delays. Thank you for your understanding.