KANTO Bus Co., Ltd. We hope to transport customer smiles.

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Company Name KANTO Bus Co., Ltd.
Head Office 5-23-14 Higashi Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded December 1931
Capital 375 million yen
Representative Izumi Naito, President
Employees 1,078
Main businesses
  • Passenger Transport business
  • Travel agency business
  • Real-estate business
  • Automobile wrecking and maintenance businesses
Number of vehicles
  • Regular route bus: 374 vehicles (in addition, 3 vehicles leased to community bus service)
  • 11 night buses
  • 7 airport shuttle buses
  • 9 sightseeing buses
Business Offices
  • Asagaya Business Office
  • Musashino Business Office
  • Oume Kaido Business Office
  • Maruyama Business Office
  • Itsukaichi Kaido Business Office
  • Maintenance Center
Affiliated companies
  • Kanto Kanko Inc.(Travel, Advertising and Insurance Agent)
  • Kanto Bus Common Estate Inc.(Real-estate leasing)
  • Bell Taxi Co., Ltd (Taxi)
  • Daiichi Jidosha Kogyo Co., Ltd (automobile wrecking and maintenance)

As of the end of March 2019