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We currently operate high-grade night buses between Tokyo (Ikebukuro/Shinjuku) and Osaka (Namba/Osaka Sta./Kadoma Shako), night buses between Shinjuku, Tokyo and Kisakata/Honjo, and night buses between Shinjuku and Toyohashi, Nara, Kyoto, Hirakata, and Okayama (one service per day for each destination).

Route Information

The Dream Sleeper Tokyo-Osaka

Welcome to a higher-grade of comfortable traveling space

[Osaka] Namba/Osaka Sta./Kadoma Shako ⇔ Ikebukuro/Shinjuku
Fare Adult 18,000 yen ~20,000 yen (one way)

The Express Chokai

The Express Chokai

[Akita] Kisakata/Honjo ⇔ Tokyo/Shinjuku

Adult from 8,000 yen (one way)

  • Fares for this route vary depending on boarding dates.

The Honokuni

The Honokuni

[Aichi] Toyokawa/Toyohashi/Mikawatahara ⇔ Nerima/Nakano/Shinjuku

Adult from 4,500 yen (one way)

  • Round-trip tickets are available for a reduced fare! Ticket booklets, which offer the best value, are also available!
  • Fares for this route vary depending on the bus stops.

The Yamato

The Yamato

[Nara] Tenri/Yagi/Yamatotakada/Gojo ⇔ Shinjuku

Adult from 5,980 yen (one way)

  • Fares for this route vary depending on boarding dates.

The Kyoto - Tokyo Midnight Express

The Kyoto - Tokyo Midnight Express

[Kyoto] Yamashina/Kyoto/Kuzuha/Hirakata ⇔ Tokyo/Shinjuku/Shibuya

Adult from 5,980 yen (one way)

  • Fares for this route vary depending on boarding dates.

The Luminous Muscat

The Luminous Muscat

[Okayama] Tsuyama/Okayama/Kurashiki ⇔ Shinjuku

Adult from 7,000 yen (one way)

  • Fares for this route vary depending on boarding dates.


Ticket Reservations/Purchases

  • Customers are able to make reservations up to one month before their departure.
    In addition to reservations made over the phone to our Kanto Bus Seat Center, we accept those made to our partner transportation companies' reservation line and those made over the internet.
  • The types of tickets available for purchase are one way, round trip and ticket booklets.
  • All bus seats are by reservation only, so you can only board the bus after having purchased a ticket with a designated seat.
  • After you reserve a ticket, we ask you to please purchase it as soon as possible.
  • Regular tickets are available for purchase at all Kanto Bus offices and information centers, Area Bureaus, Kanto Kanko office, the Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal, our partner transportation companies' ticket windows, travel agencies and convenience stores (Lawson, Family Mart, etc.). Ticket booklets are available for purchase only at Kanto Bus offices and information centers, Area Bureaus, Kanto Kanko office and our partner transportation companies ticket windows.
  • When ticket purchases are made at travel agencies, additional charges may be incurred.
  • In the case that there are available seats at the time of departure, customers may purchase tickets without having made a reservation in advance. However, only one way ticket purchases may be made.
  • If a passenger stops his her trip midway through the route, his/her ticket will be voided.
  • If you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, please contact the Kanto Bus Seat Center.


  • Round trip tickets are only valid for a period of ten consecutive days starting from the departure date.
  • Ticket booklets are only valid for three months starting from the date of purchase.
  • Round trip and ticket booklets are not available for sale inside our buses.
  • The fares for elementary school children are different from adult passengers.
  • Infants can ride free, but in the case that they take up a seat on the bus, you will be asked to pay their fare.
  • When purchasing student discount tickets (only available for buses bound for Hirakata and Kurashiki), please present your student ID to the teller at the ticket window.
    • Bring your student ID with you the day of your trip and present it with your ticket.
    • Those who bought their ticket online or at a convenience store must also present their student ID when boarding their bus; otherwise they will have to pay an adult fare.
  • Physically disabled persons carrying a Physical Disability ID Card and persons carrying a Rehabilitation ID Card deemed to be mentally disabled according to the Rehabilitation ID System Guidelines will receive a 50% discount on adult tickets (In accordance with Article 15, Item 4 of the Law for the Welfare of People with Physical Disabilities). However, discounts will only be received once, so round trip ticket discounts will not be given. In the instance that the disabled person's card has "Caretaker Needed" printed on it, the caretaker accompanying the disabled person will also receive a discount.
    • Disabled passengers must present their ID cards at the time of boarding.

Ticket Exchanges

  • Customers are able to exchange their ticket once for a different date/time on the same route free of charge. However, no exchanges may be made more than once. If a customer wishes to make a second change, his/her money will be returned and he/she will be required to make his/her ticket purchase again.
  • Exchanges will not be permitted after the departure time.

Ticket Refunds

Customers' requests for ticket refunds will be honored up until the time of their departure. Any requests made thereafter will not be honored.

At the time of a ticket refund, customers will be charged a fixed fee. For one way and round trip tickets, the single person refund fee is ¥110. For ticket booklet refunds, the fee is ¥210 per booklet.

  • One way ticket refunds: One way ticket price - ¥110 = refund amount
  • Round trip ticket full-trip refunds: Round trip ticket price - ¥110 = refund amount
  • Round trip ticket partial-trip refunds: Round trip ticket price - one way ticket price - ¥110 = refund amount
  • Ticket booklet refunds: ticket booklet price at time of purchase - [one way ticket price x number of tickets used] - ¥210 = refund amount

In the case of ticket refunds for tickets purchased online, at travel agencies or at convenience stores, there may be other fees incurred in addition to our ticket refund fees.

Forgotten/Lost Tickets

In the case that a customer loses his/her ticket, he/she will be required to pay the fare again. In this instance, we will produce a Proof of Repeat Payment Form. If the lost ticket is later found, please bring it along with the form to one of our ticket purchase windows for a refund. A fixed fee will be taken out of the total refund amount. The same procedure will apply to customers who forgot to bring their tickets with them.

Bus Service

We ask for your cooperation and understanding regarding the possibility of significant delays due to road or weather conditions. Notwithstanding, we unfortunately cannot offer ticket refunds for these delays. Also, we cannot offer compensation for alternative transportation arrangements or accommodations that customers purchase themselves.

Personal effects or belongings

  • Please store personal effects or belongings in the luggage rack or the trunk room that is is located at the bottom of the bus.
  • The trunk room has limited space, so please try to keep the size of your luggage small.
  • Large-sized luggage (folding or assemble-yourself bikes, large musical instruments, ski equipment, snowboards, surf boards, large suitcases or carry on bags, large mountain climbing/camping backpacks and the like), pets, dangerous goods, fragile items, items that are likely to bother or harm other passengers, etc. are not allowed on board the bus (including the trunk room). Please send these types of items through a delivery service.
  • For the purpose of your and everyone's safety, when using the luggage rack inside the bus, please do not place luggage that is heavy or insecure.
  • Personal valuables should be stored on your person.
  • We do not accept responsibility for any personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged.
  • For bus services wherein there is only one driver present, passengers will be responsible for loading and unloading their personal belongings from the trunk room.

Additional Information/Warnings

  • Always have your seatbelt fastened while sitting in the bus (since June, 2008, all passengers in vehicles must wear their seatbelt in accordance with the Partial Revisions of the Road Traffic Law).
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the bus.
  • Please refrain from talking on your mobile phone while inside the bus.
  • The bus driver has the right to refuse service to passengers who are a nuisance to others, such as those who are intoxicated.
  • Depending on the date of travel, our service will be provided by either Kanto Bus or a partner transportation company.
  • Inside our buses you will find a discount coupon for sightseeing.
  • Regarding items left behind, please contact us at the following number: 03-3386-2161 (Kanto Bus Maruyama Business Office)