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Travel from the heart of Tokyo to the historic Higashi Mikawa area!
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Higashi Mikawa area used to be called Honokuni. Although the area is located in Aichi Prefecture, it has an appeal different from the Owari and Nishi Mikawa areas.

The area is famous for Toyokawa Inari, one of Japan's three major Inari (originally a god of harvests, later worshipped as the guardian deity of an area), and melon picking.
Moreover, many scenic beauty spots, such as natural park, Koijigahama, and Irago Cape, are in the area!

Wi-Fi can be used for free on Kanto Bus.
You can check your email and use the Internet on your way with this very convenient service.

Route Information

For Tahara Station
(Mikawa Tahara)
For Nerima Station North Exit
  • 23:05
Nerima Station North Exit
  • 6:25
  • 23:25
Nakano Station
  • 6:10
  • 23:55
Shinjuku Expwy.Bus Terminal 4F(South Exit)
  • Extra buses depart and arrive at Shinjuku Station West Exit. (Number 27)
  • 5:50
Shibuya Mark City
  • 5:30
  • 5:02
  • 23:59
  • 5:09
Toyokawa Station
  • 23:52
  • 5:14
Toyokawa Shiyakusho Mae
  • 23:46
  • 5:16
Shindokyo Mae
  • 23:44
  • 5:40
Toyohashi Station
  • 23:25
  • 5:55
  • 23:02
  • 6:05
Ueda Shako
  • 22:53
  • 6:20
Tahara Station
  • 22:35

Information about Boarding Points

Basic information

From Route Distances Travel Times Rest Area Drivers Optional passenger's insurance
For Mikawatahara 314km 7 hrs. 15 mins. Ashigara and Hamamatsu Service Areas 1 driver No limit (individual)
For Shinjuku 316km 7 hrs. 50 mins. Kakegawa Parking Area and Ashigara Service Area


Fares for this route vary depending on boarding dates.
Season S A succession of holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May, middle August, year-end, and New Year's.
Season A Mostly Fridays and before national holidays
Season B /
Season C /
Season D
Mostly Saturdays and holidays
Season E Mostly Mondays through Wednesdays, except season S and holidays
  • Check the fares on this website.
Season S Season A Season B Season C Season D Season E
Adult ¥6,700 ¥5,700 ¥4,700 ¥4,200 ¥3,700 ¥3,200
Child ¥2,850 ¥2,850 ¥2,850 ¥2,850 ¥2,850 ¥2,850
  1. The above prices are one-way fares.
  2. Check the fare calendar and the fare before making a reservation.

Fare and Fare Calendar for The Honokuni


Online reservations/inquiries about seat availability/payments

  • For online reservations, the methods of issuing tickets vary depending on the payment methods. Confirm the details on the website where you made the reservations.

Information on Vehicles/Bus Equipment

We offer luxury, relaxation, and safety on your long distance journey. Vehicles traveling at night are equipped with headrests unique to the KANTO Bus.
The vehicles offer a clean toilet and a beverage dispenser so passengers can relax and sleep undisturbed.

  • Toilet, Footrest
  • Amenities
  • Blanket/Slippers
  • On some occasions when extra buses are needed, vehicle specifications and equipment may differ from those listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I make a reservation?
Reservations are required for all night buses. Please make a reservation in advance to purchase tickets. Questions about seat availability, reservations, and payments can be made online!
Can I purchase tickets on the day of travel?
You can board the bus if seats are available on the day of travel. Please pay the fare on the bus. However, reservations are recommended to ensure seat availability.
Can you tell me about accident prevention for expressway bus services?
As a certified General Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business, our company provides general route services with our Honokuni bus line. Services are provided by proper holders of the Qualification Certificate for Operation Manager. Our routes (see 1), driver rotation schedule (see 1), rest area stops (see 1), and stop times (see 2) have all been planned out carefully. In order to further guarantee peace of mind and safe travel, bus operators have undergone rigorous training. Regarding the inspection and maintenance of our buses, only those who possess the qualifications obtained through the Kanto District Transport Bureau are permitted to operate our vehicles. Maintenance is only performed at our company's maintenance shop.
(*1) For the Honokuni Line, a single driver completes the bus route while taking the proper rest breaks according to company policies.
(*2) Our drivers receive sufficient rest at company owned facilities located at each destination.